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With over a 100 years of terrazzo experience, we can take on any terrazzo challenge, whether its patching and matching vintage flooring or polishing a 12,000 square foot grand ballroom, Terrazzo Shine will dazzle you.


We Can Do It All

No matter what your terrazzo floor looks like, we’ve got the tools, the manpower and the skills to make the surface like new again.


Terrazzo Repair

Terrazzo Repair Group are specialists in repairing any terrazzo surface that has been damaged including floors, stairs & moldings. Repairs ranging from chips and cracks to large repairs covering hundreds of square feet. Our scope of work involves making sure the subfloor is prepped properly and ready to have the new terrazzo applied.

We are experts in matching the original colors and aggregate (marble/other stone chips) content to match the original surface.  In fact, the first step after a proposal has been accepted, is providing our clients with a matching colored terrazzo tile sample. Once the client approves the sample, we move forward and begin the repairs. We offer our clients many different types of finishes from matte to high polish as well as providing excellent products and methods for maintenance and long-term care.

Terrazzo Cleaning

If your terrazzo floor has lost its luster or has stains you cannot remove with cleaning, it may be wise to hire a floor restoration specialist. A professional will be able not only to strip the sealer off the floor and reapply it properly but we can also polish the floor’s surface effectively with commercial equipment to restore its original shine.

Honing & Polishing

We can hone the terrazzo surface to a smooth, flat, consistent base. For stones with a natural shine such as granite or marble, the polish or shine is removed leaving a matte (unpolished) surface with little to no reflection and no bumps or ridges. It is fairly porous and natural looking; the color will be visibly lighter than a polished finish.

Sealing & Service

When your terrazzo restorations are done, we can provide a final polish to make those floors look just right. Adding a terrazzo floor sealer can be helpful to fill tiny pores in the floor surface, offering more resistance to water, grease and grime.


Our reputation is second to none:

Paul and his team did a great job. They came in after hours, got right to work and were finished within 2 days.


Terrazzo offices foyer, Pfizer

We loved the work Stu and his team did. They restored a significant part of our lobby and helped us preserve the existing terrazzo floor instead of pulling it out. We’re very happy.


Facilities Manager, Sheraton NJ

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