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Although the history of Terrazzo can be traced back to the ancient mosaics of Egypt, its true beginnings are rooted in Italy. As marble projects were completed, there were lots of extra discarded marble chips. Workers found that by tossing them into cement, spreading the mixture and grinding it flat they could create durable and beautiful floors. Because this method, used a different composition of stone each time, it was impossible to replicate, thus making each installation a truly unique creation.  Crude hand stones were then used to grind the surface and achieve the finish. This technique was advanced by designing a long handle with a weighted end, which was fastened to the grinding stone. By using this equipment and a lot of tedious labor, workers could achieve a smoother flat surface, but it still lacked a true shine. The rich colors and shine was only achieved when the stone’s surface was wet. Over time workers discovered they could use goat’s milk to enhance the color of the marble. Thus, the first sealer for terrazzo was discovered!

Craftsmen brought the terrazzo concept from Europe to America in the late 1700’s, even George Washington selected terrazzo floors for important rooms in his Mount Vernon estate. With so much marble in the United States, and installation and refinishing techniques advancing it was only a matter of time before terrazzo got popular.

By the 1920’s Terrazzo installation and finishing techniques were advancing rapidly. The development electric grinding equipment was being used to achieve a smooth colorful finish.

The technology of braces being used today on terrazzo grinding machines advanced the grinding and polishing procedures to today’s standards. One of the most well-known examples of terrazzo is the Hollywood Walk of Fame created in 1958 in Hollywood, California.

Terrazzo Repair Group are specialists in repairing any terrazzo surface that has been damaged including floors, stairs & moldings. Repairs ranging from chips and cracks to large repairs covering hundreds of square feet. Our scope of work involves making sure the subfloor is prepped properly and ready to have the new terrazzo applied.

We are experts in matching the original colors and aggregate (marble/other stone chips) content to match the original surface.  In fact, the first step after a proposal has been accepted, is providing our clients with a matching colored terrazzo tile sample. Once the client approves the sample, we move forward and begin the repairs. We offer our clients many different types of finishes from matte to high polish as well as providing excellent products and methods for maintenance and long-term care.

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Feel free to call our office and speak to any one of our staff about your terrazzo repairs.

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